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Aromatherapy is a speciality derived from phytotherapy using aromatic fractions from plants, also know as essential oils, for medicinal purposes. They must be used with discernment and care, due to their highly concentrated dosage and action. Our team will guide you to ensure a safe and effective use these powerful broad-spectrum therapeutic tools (anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, etc.). Our preparations are based on organic essential oils and delivered in the form of capsules, liquids, creams, ointments, vaginal tablets and suppositories.


Anthroposophical medicine is the result of the research of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, in collaboration with Dr. Ita Wegman. According to its principles, humans are consituted of 4 inseparable bodies : the physical body, the etheric body or life force, the astral body for sensations and feelings and the egotical body or spirit. They believe that any imbalance between these 4 bodies could potentially develop into a disease, and use natural substances present in minerals, plants and animal organs to restore that balance and bring back harmony in the person. Each remedy is prepared through the dilution and energization of mother tinctures, using the same technics than for homeopathic remedies. They can then be administered orally or by injections.

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Floral Elixirs

The preparation of floral elixirs, also called « floritherapy », depends on very specific and accurate methods, in particular during the harvest of the plants, their maceration and energization. This delicate preparation ensures their quality and their ability to balance or stimulate our emotions. Our floral elixirs originate from a strictly organic and artisanal production, where the hand of man is involved in all phases of preparation and revitalization.


Gemmotherapy draws its power of action from the properties of the buds of trees and shrubs (``Gemmae`` in Latin). Created in the 60s by Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian homeopath, this discipline was later developed and renamed by Dr. Max Tétau. Our preparations include isolated and combined buds, creating specific and targeted synergies of action.



While complying with modern pharmaceutical production standards, our products remain faithful to the classic Hahnemannian approach at the origin of homeopathy. They are manufactured in a specific, traditional way and in small batches, an essential criteria to preserve their quality. Our dedication to this process enables us to offer you more than 700 strains, and to respond to any specific requests within 24 hours.


Nutritherapy, or micronutrition, enables us to prevent and treat many pathologies through the use of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes present in food. Detox, weight loss, seasonal changes, times of stress, pregnancy, etc… The original food supplements we offer have been developed with the help of professionals to meet your exact needs, all year round.

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Mycotherapy, or mushroom therapy, is based on a very particular synergy between mycelium and soil. To obtain this effect, we select specific pieces of bark from birch, willow, ash, and other types of trees that will support the growth and maturation of microorganisms naturally present in the soil. The organic and vibratory signatures therefore produced cannot be found in mushrooms grown above ground and allow us to manage of wide range of diseases. Its efficiency has made mycotherapy an increasingly popular therapeutic tool in recent years.


Trace elements are mineral components founds in very small quantities in the body and that are essential to its proper functioning. Each trace element allows for very specific processes in the body, interacting with different tissues and functions. For this reason, it is important to ensure their constant and adequate supply.

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Based on plant extracts and their active ingredients, phytotherapy is one of the oldest natural medicines still widely used today. Thanks to our laboratory, we are able to offer you different galenic forms: SPE (standard plant extracts), IFPS (integral fresh plant suspensions), MT (mother tinctures), and capsules made from dry extracts and totum of the plants.


Spagyric medicine stems in the ancient alchemical hermetic tradition and was given pride of place as early as the 16th century, through the work of the illustrious Paracelsus. Its roots go back to the practices of ancient Egypt and its current use enables us to merge the principles of millennial alchemy to the medical field. We prepare all the requested formulations from the 80 plants available in our laboratory.

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Herbal Tea

Herbal medicine refers to the medical use of plants from the pharmacopoeia.
We prepare mixtures of herbs according to their medicinal properties, so that you can easily concoct delicious and beneficial herbal teas at home.