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Water retention

Summer is upon us !

Time to boost your blood and lymphatic circulation.


Summer and high heat are often synonymous with water retention, especially for those who already suffer strong hormonal variations. Although they are more common during summertime, venous insufficiency disorders can also be caused by heredity, lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, tight clothing), carpeted floors or a professional activity involving long hours sitting or standing.

Along with lymphatic drainage, derivative baths and cold showers, phytotherapy has been a great ally against this seasonal problem for centuries, and still is.

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Hydration and Herbal Teas

Water is a key component to maintain a good circulation, but the veins and lymphatic system sometimes need extra help to evacuate these liquids properly. Fortunately, phytotherapy gave us several toning and vasoconstricting plants to assist them. Our «Herbal tea for venous and lymphatic circulation» has been specially designed to alleviate the symptoms of heavy legs.

Veino-Lymphax ®

This food supplement combines 4 plant extracts specific to circulation, with high bioavailability : Ginkgo, Sweet Clover, Grape Seed Extract and Asian Hydrocotyl. This preparation designed by the Stum laboratory is indicated for heavy legs, swollen ankles, visible veins, varicose veins, tingling and prolonged periods in a standing position.


With summer comes an increase in outdoor activities, social events and barbecues, making hemorrhoids even more troublesome and painful. If so, reducing your alcohol consumption should be your first reflex, while our « Planta HMD » preparation helps healing tissues quickly. NB: Also available as a suppository, allowing for quick targeted action.