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Boost your Autumn !

Time to go back to work,

Discover our winning strategy today.


The summer season and holidays are coming to an end and you already look skeptically on your return to work… Do not worry ! A few good habits will enable you to get off on the right foot from the very first days.

Our formulas will help you improve the quality of your sleep, increase your motivation and boost your energy levels to carry out your new projects. Name it, we have it !

For children too it is time to go back to school. A time full of excitement and novelties sometimes synonymous with new stress and difficulties too. We put our expertise at the service of the younger ones and provide specific preparations to support them throughout the course of the year. 

« Energetic and Zen » Toolbox

Available all year round in your pharmacy
Phyto 6 bis
« Immunity Formula »

For a safe and smooth return to school, this formula will support the immune system of the younger ones, as well as the whole family.

« Planta Zen » Formula

This easy-to-use herbal formula will stabilize your moods in all circumstances. Combine it with glycerophosphate of magnesium to experience its relaxing effect in the long run.

Our « Sleep » formulas

Experience deep quality sleep and repairing nights with our range of natural solutions, for you and your entire family. Our «Planta Sleep Formula» and «Sleep and Relaxation Herbal Tea» supports the sleep of adults and children, while our Spagyric formula and «Soft Night» hydrosol calms night ruminations and the anxiety of the younger ones.

Motivation Boost

Our «Planta Boost» formula and its unique mix of amino acids, vitamins and plants will increase your production of the neurotransmitter dopamine and help you feel motivated, energized and focused through the day.


Chrononutrition is a dietary plan designed to help you increase both your motivation and your energy through the day. At its chore you will find a breakfast rich in proteins and fat, a sweet snack around 17h and a frugal dinner light in proteins.

Further information

To learn more about chrononutrition check these two books, both accessible and thorough : «Time Nutrition» by Jean-René Mestre and Jean-Robert Rapin and «La nouvelle chrononutrition illustrée» by Dr. Alain Delabos.