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Welcome to the Pharmacie des Banques

Thereby hangs a tale

The Pharmacie des Banques is at your disposal since 1889,
sharing its experience and know-how with you on a daily basis.

  1. Creation of the Pharmacie des Banques

    In 1889, while the city of Geneva acquires its very first steam tramway line, Mr. DAVID George opens his pharmacy at 62 rue du Stand and brings remedies at the forefront of modern medicine to the inhabitants of his city.

  2. A new life for the pharmacy with the family Ponci

    In 2015, the Grand Dame celebrates its 126 years and gets a new lease of life under the guidance of Dounia Ponci, a pharmacist passionate about natural medicines, and her team.

  3. New Laboratory

    In 2017, a silent revolution takes place behind the scenes with the creation of a brand new laboratory for the pharmacy. A place entirely designed to guarantee the manufacture of high-quality, original pharmaceutical and natural preparations.

  4. New projects to come

    In 2019, our team will celebrate the 130th anniversary of the pharmacy in a brand new decor. A perfect blend between tradition and modernity, reflecting its evolution over the decades. You are cordially invited !

Our team at your service

Dounia Ponci

Head Pharmacist