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Seasonal detox

Spring and autumn,

The perfect time to reset the clock and treat your body with a detox !


Our detoxification organs (or emunctories) work daily to cleanse our organism from toxins and play a major role in moving smoothly from one season to the next. Nevertheless, drainage and detox cure can be of a great help at key times of the year. Summer and winter subject our body to many constraints, with wider temperature ranges, changes in our eating habits, different physical activities, etc… making spring and fall the best periods to carry out an effective drainage, strengthening your immune system and boosting your energy.

« Detox » Toolbox

Plan 21 days of cure maximum, twice a year.
Amino acid L-Methionine

L-methionine is an amino acid specialized in the drainage of lipophilic toxins and a precious ally for the functioning of your liver. Our team is there to guide you and ensure an optimal use of the formula, depending on your physical condition.

« Drainage and Cellulite » formula

This original formula draws on the treasures of phytotherapy to ensure the most effective drainage and an increase of your venous and lymphatic circulation.

« Drainage and Weight Loss » formula

Enjoy the benefits of drainage while losing the few kilos piled up during winter - or summer, with this new formula designed in our laboratory.


Our team is here to guide you and will help you choose appropriate therapeutic solutions for your diet.

Constant hydration throughout the duration of detoxification is essential to ensure optimal evacuation of organic waste. Drink around 2 litres of liquids per day, preferably spring water, green tea, matcha tea, rosemary tea, or thyme... Our «Diuretic Herbal Tea» and «Draining and Slimming Herbal Tea» will boost weight loss during drainage, while our «Basifying and draining herbal tea» will rejoice Athletes.

A little extra boost

Depending on the season, foods such as lemon, artichoke, asparagus and black radish will support your drainage and strengthen the impact of our teas. Not to mention fresh juices, grated turmeric and ginger to sprinkle in your salads, rich in antioxidants and protective properties.


During your drainage, we advise you to adopt either an «hypotoxic» diet that promotes light and frugal meals, a mono-diet or a fast, to ensure its optimal effect. It is also important to limit sugars, animal proteins and fatty products, as well as alcohol and coffee during the drainage period. To be noted: The first few days of a drainage are often accompanied by some side effects such as headaches, digestive disorders and inflammation. This «elimination» phenomenon is temporary and you should consult a health professional if it lasts longer than 4 days.